90 Day Challenge: High Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss


After seeing the before and after pictures of day 20 of Paul’s 90 day challenge you can see that the effort, and discipline is paying off!  I wrote a post a little while ago about tossing the scale out and the issues with BMI as a measure of weight loss and we can definitely see what I was talking about.  Although Paul’s weight hasn’t changed all too much the diameter around his waist and stomach have!  Changing up the nutrition by cutting out dairy and some of the extra wheat products has definitely made a difference too.  Our bodies are unique and we both gain weight and loose weight differently, so as this 90 day challenge progresses you’ll be seeing different principles applied both from the exercise standpoint and nutrition too.

Paul’s got a great goal of monitoring his sleep levels and really ensuring the has adequate amounts of sleep.  Sleep is maybe one of the most important things that people miss in their general health and I’m definitely in this boat too.  As we sleep our body’s repair themselves and it has a huge role in regulating metabolism too.  So let’s try and make it a corporate goal to get an adequate amount of sleep in the next few weeks!

Paul and I are headed to Vancouver and Seattle for Canada Day long weekend and we’ll still be working out too!  Next week I’ll post one of the exercise sets that we did with very little equipment necessary so that you can workout while on vacation.

Here’s our Wednesday program that we did this week.  This is a full body workout that is based on high intensity intervals or H.I.I.T.  which is one of the most effective ways of combining both muscle building and cardiovascular exercises together.  We do a lot of these types of circuits here a Blitz and we try and make sure that every time someone works out here it’s an entirely different workout!  They’re challenging and something great to add to a workout if you find that you’ve hit a plateau and nothing has changed.  I’ll warn you in advance, some of these moves are meant more for intermediate to high level fitness since there are multiple muscle groups used and the movements are very dynamic.  If you’re looking for some basic exercises, Paul O’Brien, and Brett have posted out a load of them on our blogs; just this morning Paul had a set of exercises that you can do outside on a swing.

I’m calling this one our “Wacky Workout Wednesday” (yeah I have fun naming these workouts!)  There are six exercises in each circuit, each exercise is performed for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between each exercise with a one minute rest between the circuits.  We performed each of these circuits five times for a total of 60 minutes.  Try it out and if you’ve got questions feel free to drop me a line!

Circuit #1:

One arm body weight transfer push ups on a bench

Burpee to Lateral Hops

Crocodile walks with 8 lbs balls and gliders

Kettlebell swings

Leg raises on a chin-up bar

Reverse flyes on a cable

Circuit #2:

Barbell snatch to alternating lunges

Medicine ball wall slams

Push Ups to torso twists

Sliding Lateral Planks on Gliders

Push ups to Mountain Climbers

V-Sit Flutter Kicks


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  1. You can see the difference after the first twenty days. I noticed the difference at his shoulders immediately!

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