90 Day Challenge – The Journey: 2 Weeks In

Alright..2 weeks in…it has begun. So how am I doing so far? Well, the biggest and most significant change has definitely been my Guy-iet (The Male Diet)…or my nutrition plan. After a thorough and informative discussion with my awesome and hilarious trainer Leigh Chmilar (having someone who can motivate me, keep me on point and make me laugh is a huge bonus to have as a trainer and it has truly made the experience a whole lot better than I thought it might be) I realized that although I thought I ate pretty healthy…ummm turns out not so much. So I guess I can’t eat a pb & j sandwich every morning, eat a wrap/sandwich for lunch and a quinoa salad for dinner… at least not if I want the change I’m hoping for.

More protein, less carbs…and uhhh way less drinking. The cool thing about the plan is that I can still eat whatever I want, but it’s just a matter of portioning and planning out the day. If I want to head out and eat or have drinks, I just need to eat a little less during the rest of the day. I have a certain amount of Carbs, Proteins and Fats I can eat a day, and as long as I stay under for 5/7 days a week, I should see results. Seems simple enough. And frankly as long as I stay home, and make all my meals it is pretty damn successful. I find I’m surprisingly not that hungry and usually do pretty well. More eggs and chicken, less bread and that’s right…no more delicious burgers or late night pizza slices. It honestly wasn’t that hard, and I did notice a little more energy, and just generally feeling better.

i love gourmet burgers... but i will force myself to try to only have one a week

i love gourmet burgers… but i will force myself to try to only have one a week

However, unfortunately I don’t really stay home as much as I probably should. And, trying to figure out how much a bowl of Pho, or a chicken/avocado salad, or 3 shots vs. a gin and tonic vs. a pint of beer vs. a glass of wine is worth is kind of tough…especially in the moment, when one might not be at their most coherent state. And even when I know or have an idea of how much an extra drink might be, when you are out with a group of friends…it’s really tough to say no to that second or third round. So that is something I’m going to really try to concentrate on and put my best foot forward. Although the problemo is that once I have a couple drinks…three things happen: I want to dance, I want to take pictures, and I want to buy everyone else including myself more drinks…this is going to be tough.

On the working out side, Leigh has given me a schedule of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes on Saturdays and Mondays, and a one on one strength training session on Thursdays. I have ultimate or soccer one other day a week for cardio, and do one day of strength training on my own (which hasn’t really been happening too consistently yet, but with the weather turning i’m going to push myself harder to do it). Fridays and Sundays tend to be day offs which works out pretty well. Doing heavier weights was something I always kind of avoided as I didn’t want to get too bulky, but talking with Leigh I’ve found out that heavy weights can help me build muscle without looking like I have no neck, and heavier weights are actually integral to losing weight/becoming more ripped. I was also told that recreational volleyball cannot count as my work out for the day, which I guess wasn’t really a surprise, but still booooo.

The HIIT training is especially awesome consisting of cool things like flipping tires, sledgehammers, and large ropes…which occasionally makes me feel like I’m in a World’s Strongest Man competition rather than a workout class. I prefer the creativity in the exercises as it doesn’t really feel like a chore and more a sport. We switch between days of circuit training and other days of more weight or body weight intensive activities. So far they have been classes that I look forward to.

It was going well…but I just happened to have a couple weekend trips in a row…one to Vancouver and one to Seattle (for the Seahawks game, which was amazing), which cut out two workouts each week. Turns out it’s a little tough to work out while on vacation…or maybe I just lack the will…but either way, it didn’t happen. Luckily, I should be in town for the foreseeable future, and shall make sure I don’t miss any more days. So far, I feel pretty damn good…and maybe it is my delusional self hoping that I’m seeing something, but I really think the change in what I eat has made a large difference and hopefully will continue to. But there is the Grape Escape on Saturday,,,oh no…

27-24 Hawks...in OT!!! AWESOME

27-24 Hawks…in OT!!! AWESOME

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