90 Day Challenge Day 48: A Trainer’s Perspective on Choice and Slipping Up.

This is not a quick fix.  It’s a lifestyle change.  Nothing happens in 90 days that can’t be undone by bad habits that continually creep back into our lives because we allow them to.  I’m going to say this outright: there is no excuse and no life situation that prevents people from doing something positive for themselves every day.  We simply choose not to do it.  We choose to accept excuses that we’ve invented in our heads, we choose to fall backwards into old habits, we choose to place ourselves in circumstances in which we consciously know we will be tempted.  We choose to fail.  Failure is a mindset and if we choose to dwell on it then we loose the vision of who we are and what we will become.

As much as we can set ourselves up for failure, we can also set ourselves up for success.  The most successful people that I’ve met who lead fulfilling lives have implanted in their minds that they have the ability to choose their actions and their reactions to things that happen in life.  Life might cause them to fall down, but they choose to get back up, dust themselves off and become stronger for it.

So what do we consider healthy here at Blitz Conditioning?  Is it success in weight loss?  Is it looking great in a bikini or with your shirt off?  Is it about looking big, or toned?  Is it surviving a 90 day challenge or a 10 minute Blitzfit Challenge?  It’s none of the above and those are far from anything we preach, these are all temporary things that disappear with time.  We want you to be a walking billboard for success in your life, for living a healthy life including a supportive and positive community, daily exercise that is integrated into your lifestyle, and finally the ability to leave an impact in society.  When we can become attune with ourselves and determine the difference between our actual needs and what we want we can ultimately choose to begin a journey to a fulfilling life.  We can set ourselves up for success by realizing that is necessary in life and what makes us temporarily happy.

Brett and myself were talking one day about how similar we are in mindset and we figured that it all came down to the following few things:

  • We’re 100 times harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else.
  • We don’t accept quit.
  • We don’t accept excuses even if someone else gives them to us.
  • We quickly pull ourselves back when we fall astray.
  • There’s no time for excuses nor is there any room.
  • We don’t beat ourselves down every day for mistakes or slip ups, we move on.
  • We don’t fall backwards, we fall forwards.
  • We wake up every morning thinking we can do better than yesterday and not how we compare to everyone else.
  • We choose to strive towards lifelong contentment instead of temporary happiness.

So how do we apply these learning experiences to a 90 day challenge?

Don’t dwell on the times you’ve slipped up, don’t even think about them.

Look in the mirror and think about how you can make this world a better place today.


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  1. Love it! And really enjoying Paul’s blog too.

  2. Brandi Antoniuk says:

    Great advice 🙂

  3. All I could say is “wow”. 🙂

  4. I love the point you made about falling forwards not backwards – you are all a source of inspiration – thanks for putting out great information!

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