90 Day Challenge: Crunch Time

It’s “Crunch Time”! Which means it’s time to quit playing around and get my shit together things done.

90 Day Challenge

I’ve learned quite a bit about myself during this 90 Day Challenge. In the last few months, I discovered that:

  • When anything in my life (house, work, relationships, etc) is disorganized, I’m not as focused and don’t perform my daily tasks at my best ability.
  • Some of my bad habits are more complex than I thought, and take much longer than the ’27 days to break a habit’ rule everyone is always talks about.
  • I, not anyone else, control my mood and current state of happiness.

Although I’m still working on honing my ‘skill’, there are three things that have helped me push through those challenges.

  • Obviously fitness is the biggest one. Even just 30 min a day makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
  • Eating clean food. Less processed shit goes into my body than before and I can feel the difference. I’m more creative, think clearer and have way more control over my emotions.
  • Taking time out for me. I never used to do this but occasionally (2-3 times a week) turning off my cellphone, social networks and relaxing with a little music and the sunset view from my balcony has helped tremendously.

Like I mentioned above, it’s “Crunch Time”; the last 20 days of the challenge are here, and I’m preparing myself for additional pressure to push my work outs and healthy eating to ensure the results I’ve been waiting for. I’ve always felt the pressure – through these posts and all the photos I’ve posted – that’s the whole point of this insane challenge and blog! I’ve got no where to hide and no one to blame if this goes haywire; everyone reading this and following along – you’re keeping me accountable. The pressure is on!!!

With all that said, my goals are still the same from when I first started this challenge: To be in the best shape of my life by my 28th birthday on September 8th, 2012.

On that morning, I want to wake up and feel great, look great and be ready to take on another year of doing exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 70 days. I want to continue this lifestyle I’ve adapted and I really want to help those willing to do it with me. If I can do this, anyone can – I want to help change lives for the better, just like I chose to do with my own and look forward to continuing to meet people that share similar dreams, thoughts and beliefs about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle like I do.

I’m ready for “Crunch Time”! Bring on the pressure! The transformation continues and September 8th is just around the corner!

…. but just wait until September 8th… 2013!!

90 Day Challenge

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  1. Trevor Imeson says:

    For those of you wanting to know what a true 90 day challenge is, follow this man right here. No gimmiks. No magic shakes. Pure sweat and determination. A person once told me that a protein shake and dumbells couldn’t do this. Well here it is.

    • Thanks Trevor!
      You’re absolutely right. All it takes to do this is determination and the right coaching. All that other crap like magic shakes might get you slim but they sure won’t help you change your lifestyle!

  2. I can see definition in the triceps and back muscles. Keep up the good work !

  3. Looking good Paul!

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