90 Day Challenge: Cheat Days & Weekends

90 Day Challenge

They say that having a cheat day once a week where you can eat and drink anything you want will help you reach your long term goals, but what about a cheat weekend?

Over the July/Canada Day long weekend, Chris and I decided to venture on a 4 day road trip to Vancouver and Seattle. It was a 3000km drive that involved a combination of traveling workouts, and lots of eating out with beer consumption. (I did say I was going to tell the truth here).

The initial plan for the weekend was to workout daily, trying not to put any negative affects on the weeks of hard work and positive results I’d achieved. However, after a couple of early morning, sluggish workouts in the park and on the beach, we decided to just take a few days off and enjoy the fun of the trip.

“Fitness and healthy eating is a lifestyle, not just a 90 Day Challenge”

Now that we’re back in Edmonton, I look back at the trip and realize that taking those cheat days or cheat weekends IS NOT the end of the world, if fitness and healthy eating is part of your lifestyle.

What do I mean by part of your lifestyle?

My end goal for this 90 Day Challenge is to be in the best shape of my life by September 8th, 2012 (My 28th Birthday). Even after the 90 days are over, I’ll still continue on my quest to improve the life I live. I’m not going to stop working out, I’m not going to stop eating healthy and I’m not going to stop taking every opportunity I can to improve and push myself through that next barrier.

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit, but how long does it take to change the way you live? The answer is different for everyone. I’ve fluctuated in weight and muscle mass for years in an ever-changing sequence of life choices, but now, I’ve made the firm decision to maintain this healthier lifestyle as I move forward.

For the rest of this week’s post, I thought it’d be cool to share a few photos from the trip we took!

* Results and measurements are also at the bottom of the post. Interesting think to point out, after a cheat weekend my measurements barely changed.

(and just in case you’re wondering –  after our lengthy road trip, and a weekend of indulging in a few too many drinks,  Chris and I arrived back in Edmonton at 10 pm on Monday night; we were back in the gym early Tuesday morning!)

Day 1: 5:30 am Calgary workout

Pit stop along the highway near Canmore AB.

8:30 am Kitsalano beach leg workout.

Chris’s turn to sleep on the way to Seattle.

The most amazing $2.50 ‘all beef’ hot dogs before the Mariners vs. Red Sox baseball game in Seattle.

Hanging out with Marc, Paul & Danielle at the Mariners game.

Mariners vs Red Sox

The game went to 11 innings!!! So amazing!

The Seattle gum wall. Gross but very cool and unique.

Pike Place market…. home of some of the most amazingly fresh food! So good!

Back in Vancouver on Grandville Island for a comedy improv show.

Canada Day fireworks in Vancouver!

The beautiful drive home through Kamloops and the Okanagon.


Week 4 – 215.8 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.1%  |  Hydration 60.4%  |  Muscle Mass 43.4%
Week 3 – 214.6 pounds  |  Body Fat 21.5%  |  Hydration 60.2%  |  Muscle Mass 43.8%
Week 2 – 215.6 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.7%  |  Hydration 60.1%  |  Muscle Mass 42.6%
Week 1 – 214.8 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.5%  |  Hydration 60.2%  |  Muscle Mass 43%
Week 0 – 214.0 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.3%  |  Hydration 60.3%  |  Muscle Mass 43%

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