90 Day Challenge: Chasing the Dragon

Week 2 – 215.6 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.7%  |  Hydration 60.1%  |  Muscle Mass 42.6%
Week 1 – 214.8 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.5%  |  Hydration 60.2%  |  Muscle Mass 43%
Week 0 – 214.0 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.3%  |  Hydration 60.3%  |  Muscle Mass 43%

It has been one hell of a week and as you can see from the numbers above….I’ve gained weight!

How is this happening? I’m eating so much healthier and getting all the calories I need to keep going, I feel 10x better and have energy throughout the day and I’m even getting a lot of my old strength back!

After chatting with Chris, and reading about his post on taking time to get things going again, I’m actually not too concerned about the slight gain in weight. Sure, I’m up 2-3 pounds since I started this challenge but  it takes time to get back in shape. I mean, it’s only been 2 weeks!?!?!

What I did different this week

These past 7 days have been extremely tiring. I’ve worked out every day and spent much more time planning and preparing my meals. Fitness and healthy eating is almost like a minor addiction once you get going.

I’ve tried to keep to my diet and eat every few hours even if I wasn’t hungry. After the first few days I found that I started getting really hungry after just a couple hours and so my lunch kit has gotten bigger and bigger.

What I’m going to do different this coming week

I haven’t been able to sleep all that much this past week maybe getting 4-5 hours a night. A lot of that was due to some personal things going on in my life but those are past now and I’ll be focusing on getting at least 7-8 hours a night. This should help with my muscle recovery and some fat burning.

Now that I’ve got my food pretty close, thanks again Revive Wellness!, I’m going to focus on drinking more water throughout the day. It’s so easy to forget to drink lots of water but it’s a huge contributor to firing up your metabolism.

This week I heard someone say…

A six pack is made in the kitchen

Man, isn’t it true. I’m finding that working out is really only 20-30% of the battle. Eating the right food at the right time of day is so essential to your overall mood, metabolism and ability to get the results I want.

So what does Chasing the Dragon have to do with this post?

Well, at Blitz we use the term chasing the dragon when we’re chasing a goal, a feeling or a level of pain the day after a workout. Right now I’m chasing that level of consistant soreness where my body has no choice but to start healing itself, burning fat and effectively getting me back to beach body ready! I’m trying to jump start my metabolism and the only way to do that is to eat the right foods and do the right exercises. I’ve sweat about 10 gallons (okay maybe not that much) of sweat in the past week and I have no intentions on stopping.

How’s your challenge going?

How about you? Have you lost or gained weight? Do you feel better, stronger leaner?

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