90 Day Challenge: Breaking Old Habits

90 Day Challenge Day 41

They say old habits die hard. Well, that’s even more true when it’s summer time and you’re a 28 year old single bachelor that wants to look great but still enjoy a summer beers, bbq’s and time with friends and family.

In the past 41 days I’ve forced myself to change the way I think about everything I do in my life.

  • I now wake up between 6:15 & 6:45am every day
  • I only ‘go out’ drinking once a week (Friday or Saturday)
  • I’ve simplified the way I live by moving into a 1 bedroom condo and getting rid of material possessions I no longer need or want
  • I think about what I put in my mouth and weigh the pros and cons of eating that deep fried bar food before I eat it and now choose to ask for a more healthy option even if they have to custom make it and it costs more
  • I try not to surround myself with drama or get to concerned with daily mishaps

All of these choices have helped me break my old habits of getting up late, eating whatever I want and surrounding myself with people that don’t push me to be the best I can be.

How to break old habits

Start with something small and do it daily

The first thing I had to do was start getting up earlier every day to get to the gym. Okay, you might not be a morning person but I didn’t used to be either. I believe being a ‘morning person’ is a state of mind so I forced myself to get up, get to the gym and sweat every morning until I started waking up excited to get my day started. It took me a few weeks of tired/grumpy days (ask my co-workers) but I pushed through and it’s now made a huge difference in my life.

Cut out all the clutter

From material things to social events and even people, we all have those things in our life that most people would consider clutter. In the past 41 days, I’ve felt like my life has become richer than ever before and I owe a lot of it to making the hard choices to cut the things out of my life that just don’t make me better.

Sure, getting rid of half my ‘stuff’ and moving wasn’t easy but in the end it helped me focus on my goals and the things that are important to me like spending time with friends, family and alone working on projects I’ve been to busy to tackle otherwise.

Live the life you want

In the past 6 months I’ve seen two of my friends quit their lives to pursue the life they truly want. One wanted to travel the world while the other completely changed his career path. These people inspire me.

However, it doesn’t take quitting life to live the life you want. For me, I started making smart choices like ordering a grilled chicken breast and veggies when I’m out with friends instead of that 1,000 calorie burger and fries. Sure it costs me a couple extra bucks (not always though) but I feel better about my choice both mentally and physically which in the end gets me closer to my goals.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t get off my ass and do something!

Since starting this challenge, and even before, I’ve made some new friends like Josh, Ashley and Brett, had old friends like Travis, Curtis & Dave come join me at Blitz Conditioning for our morning workouts (unbelievably proud of these guys!) and of course continued to wine and complain to Chris and Paul as they push our workouts more and more each day. Thanks guys!

So sure, I’m getting in shape and feeling better but fitness and healthy living is turning into more of a lifestyle than a 90 day challenge for me. It’s about the small daily challenges where I get to push myself just a little bit further than the day before.

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  1. Love! Good work bud

  2. Awesome Paul! Keep it going! You are a huge inspiration.

  3. hehe just had to throw in the “single, 28 year old bachelor” part in there huh? 🙂

  4. It’s hard to see the new muscle tone under all that hair… lol. KIDDING!! Great work, Paul!

  5. Your comments on Breaking Old Habits is bang-on! These strategies are the same as I work with on my clients. I think you named the key to behavior change- doing something small daily. The habit part of the brain is the Basal Ganglia and it only changes with REPITITION (not knowledge and insight!) So doing something small every day will overtime rewire your habit centre of the brain and soon these new choices will become easier.

    I am sure you know but wanted to point out the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded support buddies

    Great job so far!

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