90 Day Challenge: A trainer’s perspective on the journey.

We have done something amazing in the past 90 days.

We’ve looked into two people’s lives as they began to make changes both physically and mentally and seen how small changes can make a big difference.  Thank you Rosemary and Sid for allowing us the privilege as the training team of working with you and also for allowing us to peer into your lives during this time!  I look up to both of these two both personally and professionally.  They’re passionate about everything in their lives including being able to balance family with work.  I see genuine people who want to change their lifestyles not only for themselves but so that they can enhance their affect on others and look for fulfilment in life.  These two 90 Day Challenges were truly successful because of a few things:

1) Increased Self-Awareness:  I think everyone needs to take a step back from their lives every now and then and analyze themselves.  Ask yourself questions like: what do I need to change in my life right now?  What are simple goals that I can focus on that can improve my quality of life?  What are triggers in my life that cause stress and cause me to fall away from my goals?  The dialogue from both Rosemary and Sid in the past 90 days was not about a special diet or exercise regimen that they were placed on. It was about being aware of their daily activities, how stress played a role in their lives, and how mindfulness plays a key role in attaining success.

2) Discipline: Yes our schedules may be absolutely crazy at times, but when we can find a few minutes for ourselves or plan our schedules so that we can workout regularly and stick to it we can achieve anything.  Here’s the hint people: there is no such thing as motivation.  It dosen’t matter what quote you post on your wall, what ideal body you want to work towards, what song that pumps you up to workout.  Discipline to create time for yourself and for the things that matter most in your life leads to success.  Both Rosemary and Sid practised discipline in different ways: Sid did an amazing job in working out 6 days a week and focusing on increasing his daily activity levels.  Rosemary focused on creating structure in a chaotic life, focusing on meditation, mindfulness in both the stress of the day and in nutrition.  Both of them saw immense success but in different paths of discipline.

3) Community:  life can be oddly lonely if we let it happen that way.  Although we might interact with many people during the day we may not truly connect with people until we are in a community of like minded people.  It’s a place where we have no fears of judgement and where people support each other through the changes in life.  The advent of technology has allowed us to connect and create community in unparalleled ways.  We’ve been able to support an amazing physical community at Blitz that also goes beyond the walls digitally.  An amazing thing happens when we can share in struggles and success.  We become stronger both individually and as a community.  We see success because we’re supported by so many others.



I’ve had the privilege of working with Rosemary quite closely and being able to cheer her along the journey.  Her family first principle is something I always admire and attempt to model my life after and the respect and success she’s gained from her business continually astounds me.  Even before she said yes to the 90 day challenge I knew she was going to be successful.  The amount of energy and increased quality of life that she’s gained by making some significant changes in her life in the past 90 days will sustain themselves over the course of her life.  It’s not myself or any of the support that we’ve given her in the past 90 days that has led to this change, it’s quite simply her willingness to change that has been the primary driver to the amazing results that she has seen.  I’d like to thank you, Rosemary, for the constant encouragement and the inspiration that you’ve provided in the past 90 days in my life!

Our goal in these 90 Day Challenges has always been to ensure that we equip people with tools to succeed in life.  We will be continually supporting both Sid and Rosemary in their healthy lifestyles in the same way as we have been during the challenge.  They’re part of our Blitz community now we’re truly thankful for that!

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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