90 Day Challenge – A Dietitian’s Perspective

Last week I (Robin from Revive Wellness) met with Rosemary to help her practice some EBT (Emotional Brain Training) skills when she mentioned her 90 Day Challenge was finishing up this week.  While briefly discussing her successes and challenges, I was struck with the old saying it’s not about the destination but rather the journey.  Rosemary has truly made great strides along her journey and now has the tools to take her for the next 90 days (and so on)!

Although I initially offered to provide Rosemary with traditional dietitian support in the way of nutrition coaching and food journal monitoring, she was very clear that “it was not about the knowledge”.  She knew how she could eat healthier to support her weight loss and wellness goals however she just wasn’t able to follow through consistently. So, I introduced her to EBT.

Thankfully Rosemary was willing to trust me and try a different approach; she took her focus off the food and instead focused on the root of her eating issues.  We began by increasing her mindfulness and identifying triggers that fuel her hard-to-control drive to eat “everything she knew she shouldn’t.”

Rosemary started to discover the link between her brain’s fitness level and the strong connection to her eating choices.   Over the last several weeks, Rosemary has learned a set of tools that help her identify and stop old stress patterns (neurocircuits) that link eating with comfort, reward, etc .  Instead, she is strengthening her brain’s fitness and building her stress resiliency so that over time her old cravings will no longer have power over her.

As you may have read, Rosemary’s life didn’t stop (or even slow down) to make her 90 day challenge easier.  In fact, she faced a number family, work and life roadblocks.  But Rosemary has taken each hurdle in stride.  She’s paused, took a deep breath, connected with herself and then worked to change, which has allowed her to grow through the adversity and not use food as a go-to in hard times.

Has the process been perfect, definitely not, but she is challenging old patterns and over time the fruits of her labour will be evident.  One thing I want to highlight is that Rosemary’s guilt started to lessen through her EBT training.  Without the guilt weighing her down, she has made great strides in starting to rewire her brain’s connection to food.

It has been a pleasure watching Rosemary stretch herself and grow along her 90 Day journey.

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