90 Day Challenge: 5 Tips for Reaching Your Goals

90 Day Challenge - 5 TipsToday is day 33 of 90 in my Blitz Conditioning 90 Day Challenge leading up to my 28th birthday, and I’ve never felt better.

  • I feel like I’m finally getting my nutrition under control and no longer get cravings for sweets or junk food.
  • I’m lifting heavier weights than I ever thought possible and recovering faster after every workout.
  • I sleep longer, deeper and more restfully.
  • I have an incredible amount of energy during the day and my creativity has come increased tremendously.
  • I feel great about my overall progress. I can successfully push through our 60 minute workouts – sometimes pushing for a little bit extra.

I am truly feeling the fitness/health buzz and I couldn’t have done it without Chris and the team. 33 days in, I’ve learned a thing or two about working towards my goals:

1) Find time to work out in the mornings

I know this is hard for a lot of people but the mornings are the absolute best time the schedule your workout. Since I should be at work by 9am, I get my workout in every day at 7:15, but I know of people who get up even earlier to get to wrok by 7am! It all starts with scheduling it in and fully committing yourself to it.

2) Work out with a partner or group of people

This is, hands down, the biggest reason for my success thus far (although I still have a long ways to go). Working out with the Blitz team in the morning motivates and pushes me to fit in that last 10 seconds of mountain climbers, do 3 more rows or 1 more Hero Maker workout. It’s amazing what friendly competition and support can do.

3) Eat right

My friend Dave came into Blitz for the first time this morning and quickly found out how essential a proper diet is to your workouts. Food fuels your body! I’ve found that a berry, spinach, protein shake in the morning gets me through my workout and a second protein shake, cliff bar and bowl of fruit post-workout helps me recover quicker.

4) Get plenty of sleep

Some small research lead me to find a few resources claiming that more sleep, in a dark room, helps you lose weight. I’ve also learned that it will definitely give you more energy. I’ve recently tin-foiled my windows and put up blackout blinds in my bedroom and found that even if I only get 6 hours a night, I still feel good the next morning.

5) Push through the pain and self doubt

This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through this whole process; it’s so true. People start diets and workout programs as fast as they quit them, but if you really want to succeed and feel good being the best you can be, then you’ve got to push through everything and be patient in making your dreams come true. I started this process pressing 20lb weights and now I can press 60lb weights; I never gave up, I pushed through the pain, and overcame the difficult mental blocks of uncomfortable feelings.

It all comes down to remembering to do this hard work, for you. Fitness and health is a lifestyle, not just a momentary time period in life. Eat right, exercise often and hold yourself accountable to your goals whether it’s losing 100lbs or just feeling better that you’re doing something on a consistant basis.

I am absolutely grateful that I found Blitz Conditioning and couldn’t imagine where I would be without all the early mornings, workouts and incredible community. These are only a few tips of a long list I’ve been working on. Let me know if you have any of your own in the comments below.

What motivates you to keep going? What helps you reach your goals?


Well, as you can see (and I’m still just using one of those fancy scales that give me all this information) my numbers really haven’t changed much… again. Not to worry though! I clearly feel better and look better. My clothes are fitting much nicer now and I’ve gotten many compliments. All part of being in shape!

Week 5 – 215.6 pounds | Body Fat 22.8% | Hydration 60.0% | Muscle Mass 43.5%
Week 4 – 215.8 pounds | Body Fat 22.1% | Hydration 60.4% | Muscle Mass 43.4%
Week 3 – 214.6 pounds | Body Fat 21.5% | Hydration 60.2% | Muscle Mass 43.8%
Week 2 – 215.6 pounds | Body Fat 22.7% | Hydration 60.1% | Muscle Mass 42.6%
Week 1 – 214.8 pounds | Body Fat 22.5% | Hydration 60.2% | Muscle Mass 43%
Week 0 – 214.0 pounds | Body Fat 22.3% | Hydration 60.3% | Muscle Mass 43%

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  1. First, I just want to tell you that I think your doing great!! I love that your blogging and sharing about your up’s and down’s(humanizes it) and as uninspired as I am these days, I find it encouraging and motivating!!

    I love working out in the morning. Its a must because I know I dont have the energy to do it at night. Its just how I have always been. (one of my tips: pick your time people, work out when you know you will πŸ™‚ ). The working out with a group of people would be a big no no for me. Ick I couldn’t even imagine haha(side effects of my job!) and I am NOT graceful enough to be in a group. A trainer is very motivating for me (another tip, chose your form of exercise. Group, class, trainer, solo. We all have different quirks and have to just work around them) Sleeping, check!! πŸ™‚ pain and self doubt ya well… that would lead to my battle with food. I am VERY results motivated (patience is not a virtue for me) and if i dont see results I doubt what I am doing. Doubt leads to “why am I even doing this” which leads to poor food choices and the circle continues. I hate it so much. Which has lead me to this uninspired, plain old lazy state (UGH).

    I noticed your numbers haven’t changed a lot. Do you notice a difference in strength (duh Nikki, you must huh 20’s to 60s good job!!)? how clothes fit? How you feel? You probably have way more energy which makes you feel better which makes you want to keep going!! Ive seen you in some newer pics and you look healthy and athletic! *jealous* And you have some terrific arms and shoulders going on!!

    Whatever you’re doing keep doing it. Its working!!! πŸ™‚ I know you are inspiring millions!!! and yes the Blitz community is a fantastic group of individuals!

    • Wow! Thanks Nikki.
      You’re very right about a lot of what you said. Picking a time that works for you is important and if mornings isn’t it then make it the afternoon or evening. The point is to schedule it and DO IT. I used to be one of those people that scheduled it but never actually did it. Then I got fat and grumpy.

      I do have a ton of more energy and I can feel the swings in my body a lot sooner. For example, I know when I need protein vs. carbs or water vs. food. It’s pretty cool stuff and always an interesting table topic with people.

  2. Justin Archer says:

    Looking great Paul! I love that you’re doing this. You deserve it.

  3. Paul, wondering about your comment on knowing when you need protein vs. carbs, etc. Is this scientific data, or you can actually tell what your body needs by how it feels?

    • Hey Cara!
      Thanks for the comments! It’s not scientific but instead me really just listening to my body. When my muscles are tired I know I typically need some type of natural carbs and simple sugars. This usually happens a few hours after my workout so I take in a few fruits and maybe some peanut butter.

      When it comes to protein I usually know I’m low when I’m not thinking straight. Also, I try and take in a little bit (10-20g) every 2-3 hours.

      Honestly the whole diet thing is really just about listening to your body and trying out different methods and times that you eat. It’s super frustrating and always changing but you’ll get it. Actually, I just started a new eating routine and so far feel better than I ever have.

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