The 90 Day Challenge: A Trainer’s Perspective

The mark of true resilience is a person’s ability to learn from their trials and come back stronger than they have ever been.

I have lived a privileged life.  It’s not that my family is monetarily wealthy, nor have I accumulated anything that I truly believe that I have ownership of; my privileged life is truly because of the community that I live in here at Blitz.  We have become a nexus of change here for so many people and it is simply not through our theoretical knowledge for health it’s because we truly believe that people seek to be a part of something bigger in their lives and a healthy lifestyle empowers them to do so.  I’ve known Paul Letourneau for a little over two years now and we’ve worked with each other, we’ve trained together, and of course we’ve laughed together.  I truly see him as a friend and confidant and support him in anything that he does.

Paul’s 90 day challenge to me is not simply a pursuit of a numeric goal.  We see this as a challenge to take a step back and see what needs to be added and taken away from his life.  We all go though major changes in our lives, from relationships, to leaving jobs, to starting families, and finally to creating lifestyle changes, it’s these times that we create ourselves.

Life truly is not about finding oneself but about creating oneself.

In the next 90 days to the build up of both Paul 28th birthday and our 8 Hours of Fitness Fundraiser benefitting the Bissell Centre you’ll hear about a variety of struggles and successes.  His goals are lofty but I know we can make it.  Our biggest difference here at Blitz is that no person stands alone, we are supported by our great community that looks at each person’s struggles as unique but shared.  Health isn’t just about nutrition, or exercise, there are so many other components to seeing change in a person’s life.  Paul isn’t pursuing just a number, he’s pursuing the “Why” in healthy living: that’s so that he can give back to his circle of influence in a way that is far greater than he could ever do in his previous lifestyle.

I live my life by this simple statement:

Make waves, not ripples.

Join us in our journey with Paul, we’d love it if you could also consider doing a 90 day challenge on your own or with us too.  Send me an email about where you are right now and we’ll keep in communication and motivate you along the way too!  We also would love to allow you an open channel on our social sites to write about your changes and struggles too so feel free to contact us about setting that up.  Let’s make September 8th a community celebration of change, we’ll be sending out some more details about the 8 Hours of Fitness Fundraiser event but keep that locked out on your calendar and we’ll rejoice in the success of our journey’s together!


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