6.5 Weeks To Competition: How much fun can you have wearing a tutu?

So this happened over the weekend…

Hello TittiesVolunteering at Bust A Move with Jen, Natasha, and Bobbi was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in the past year!  I had the privilege of working with three Edmonton’s finest people at this event to raise funds for breast health.  Our goal was to amplify the amazing story that was going on at this fundraiser using our collective social media prowess.  I felt like a pink-tutu-wearing twitter ninja taking pictures and live tweeting so people could see it.  We even assisted in making the event trend in Edmonton!  We also got to meet Richard Simmons and apparently he was quite smitten with my form, thanks ladies for not coming to my rescue….

Cupping moobies

And if you know me well, when I get uncomfortable…  I give it right back!


The pictures and video of these occasions were tweeted out and captured by a few radio stations and TV channels.  It was especially hilarious when I walked into a social media conference the next day and every person that knew me couldn’t stop laughing at the tweets of my fashion choice for the fundraiser and how Simmons seem to have a thing for me. Much like everything else in life, I don’t take a lot of things very seriously and I tend to make more jokes about myself than I do about anything else.  It’s funny though, how diametrically opposed people were about this.  Most people that I know were laughing their faces off about the incidents while some people were shocked and agased at what I was wearing and how I handled myself in the situation.

First of all I look pretty flipp’n good in a tutu and pink leggings and I strutted that out with confidence.  Secondly, you can’t make ripples in the pond of life without throwing a rock in it.  Sometimes we miss opportunities in life because we’re far too worried about how others perceive us.  We miss opportunities for personal growth but most important creating connections with others.  Yes, a time may come when you can take on the same project or choose to do something you refused to do last time but it’s not the same opportunity.  You’ve changed, life has changed, and the result may be entirely different compared to what could have happened before.  I leap at every opportunity to challenge myself.  I don’t get worried by how people perceive me.  I’m not 16 years old.

Dignity is predicated on one’s affect in life, not on how one looks.  So go out there and make a difference in someone’s life stop thinking about you.  Trust me, at the end of the day if you can put a smile on someone’s face because of a nice gesture, or letting a fitness icon name your bare chest something that can’t be written in this blog, do it!  It’s more worth while than sitting on the sidelines judging others for things you’re not courageous enough to do.  Pony up and you’ll love the ride.

I learned a lot form Jen, Bobbi, and Natasha that day.  I don’t think they truly realize how much I now look up to them and of how they carry themselves and how they’re able to manage so many things in their lives: businesses, friends, family, dogs, cats… this list goes on.  I strive to be more like them in their abilities to care and nurture others, affecting peoples lives in a positive way, and just generally being awesome people.  Jen even has an great initiative called Make Jen’s Day that focuses on giving to others.  To think, if I refused to wear that tutu and leggings I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hang out with them for the day!  Oh and did I mention Bust a Move raised $430,000?   All of a sudden the tutu and flowery leggings isn’t as epic as the amount of effect the event has!

So after a crazy weekend I’m back and focused on training for the competition.  I get eerily relaxed when deadlines are looming; don’t ask me why that happens, I simply don’t panic when the time gets closer.

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  1. Well I thought you looked great and were having fun!

  2. Chris, you looked fantastic! It was so great to see so many photos of you in that tutu and I’m happy that Richard Simmons got a lot of delight out of your outfit and personality. It takes a strong man to pull something like that off, and you definitely did it with style! Congrats to you and the rest of the team!

    • Thanks Brit, It was a blast rockin’ out the tutu and leggings for a great cause! I’m definitely going to be there next year, you should totally join us (that’s a minimum of 450 people you can meet) 😉

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