The BlitzFit Challenge

If you are looking to get off the couch, out of the office, and finally take control of your health, the BlitzFit challenge is for you. This program will help you learn the fundamentals of movement and incorporate them in workouts that are fun and will make you feel better.

You can do it too!
30 day bootcamp fitness challenge

“30 day challenge complete! Thanks for pushing me to the max!”
– @jenessa_love

The BlitzFit Classes will teach you how to do things like:

  • squatting
  • activating your core
  • proper posture while exercising
  • how to determine what intensity you should be working out at initially and how to step it up to push yourself

In our experience, we find that people start off a healthy lifestyle by going too hard and too fast leading to injury or a loss of motivation. This program is designed to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle and see those changes in your body.

blitzfit edmonton bootcamp challenge

The Monthly Fitness Challenge

Commit three times a week to our Blitz Classes for one month. We are conveniently located in downtown Edmonton, just north of Oliver Square. We have ample parking and the amenities you’ll need to get your sweat on.

Your Reward

If you are able to attend 10 of the 12 classes we will give you the next month of classes free; that’s right all of our classes on our calendar! You can use your new found strength and keep your habits going!

The classes will include the following ways to monitor your progress:

  • Initial and final strength and cardiovascular measurements
  • Initial and final weight and inch measurements
Start a routine for yourself.
challenge completed

“Super stoked about finishing the Blitz Conditioning¬†30 day challenge!”
– @jjwares

Space is Limited – Register Today

We are only taking on 20 people for each month so sign up by filling out this form and pre-paying for the Challenge. The cost of the Challenge is $200.