30 Day Challenge but with a Twist: You could win $300!

We’ve revamped our 30 day challenge and made it bigger and better!

Instead of an initial weigh in or tape measurements we decided to focus on an even more important factor: improvement in overall fitness. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

On February 4th, we will be having a timed circuit of six exercises:

Station 1: Weighted squat jumps (holding weight at chest)
Station 2: Thrusters (90 degrees or more for range)
Station 3: Burpees (Chest to ground)
Station 4: V-sit press, heels on floor
Station 5: Push ups (knees or toes)
Station 6: Strict overhead press (no hip dip)

A few things to note:

  • After each minute your reps will be counted. Good form must be visible to be awarded each rep.
  • 1 minute breaks will be give between each exercise and order does not matter, the choice is yours.
  • Weight will stay the same throughout challenge so pick something that will challenge you but not create injury.
  • Test day at the beginning of the month will be the same as the last test day at the end of the month, you will have the chance to show how much you have improved, by strength and endurance.
  • Attending HIIT class, doing your own workouts and cardio will all contribute to how you improve, the gym will also be open during the day for you to come workout on your own if needed to practice the movements.
  • Cost for the Challenge will be $125+gst and will also include a 1 month unlimited pass for our group classes.
  • The winner of the challenge will be the one who is most improved in all categories at the end of challenge will be awarded $300 CASH!
  • This challenge is limited to 30 people – You can only sign up on Mindbody.

Start and Finish Days:

  • First challenge day will be on February 4
  • Last challenge day will be on March 4

Sign up by clicking this link and going to the “30 Day Challenge” class on February 4th:


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