3 Keys to Sport Success

Kelsey, (Dietitian at Revive Wellness and avid athlete) sums up the keys to sport success in the following formula:

You need good (if not great) nutrition, strong training and adequate sleep if you want that competitive edge.  These 3 components work synergistically to allow your body to achieve its goals.

  1. Tailored training is needed to help grow your muscles and take your body to the next level.  The trainers at Blitz are experts in this area and can show you how to maximize your results with your activity.
  2. Consistent nutrition helps you recover from and fuels your training.( See the keys to creating a training diet for more details.)
  3. But even if you train hard and choose great fuel, if you don’t allow your body the time to rest and restore you will not get the results you’re hoping for.

We attended a sleep presentation given to the players at the 2012 Edmonton Oilers Player Development Camp. The speaker was Cheri Mah, a leading researcher and expert on sleep and performance from Stanford University in California.  She shared numerous studies showing that lack of sleep or poor quality sleep decreased reaction time, decreased strength training, muscle endurance and overall performance.  Read her take home messages here.

Note: If you don’t consider yourself an elite athlete and are exercising to help manage your weight, sleep restriction has been shown in research to increase food cravings, increase abdominal weight storage, increase our impulsivity and decrease our brains cognitive ability to override the craving.  Meaning we tend to eat more when we don’t get enough sleep!  (and we usually don’t want to be active either).

What are your biggest barriers when it comes to sleep? What about Nutrition? Training? Do you find one of these areas more difficult than the others?

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