28 weeks to Ironman Canada


I can’t believe it but it has almost been 20 weeks since I registered for Ironman Canada. It has been an interesting road so far. Since January I have been committing myself to 2 a day training schedule and even a couple 3 a day lately. My week right now involves incorporating 2-3 training sessions into my weekdays accompanied by at least 1 a day on Saturday and Sunday with one day off a week .  This is on top of my normal work schedule and my volunteer commitments. Am I complaining… not really…but there is a lot that comes up with a schedule like this.

While I am really pleased with my progress, I am starting to feel the strain on my social life, which I was prepared for but nevertheless it can be really tough at times. On top of my training the other big piece of the puzzle is rest. This is almost as important as the training itself. So at the end of the week its Friday night, and I am ready for bed at 9pm. During the week an attempt to meet up with friends to watch a hockey game or hang out past 8pm usually results in me paying for it when my alarm rings the next morning at 5:30am. This is the something that every athlete that wants to be serious about their sport needs to deal with. However, I think its important to be honest with the fact that it can be a tough place to be in. Training for a fitness goal can be a very lonely process, you are following a strict schedule, eating schedule, and resting schedule; while everyone around you seems to be doing the exact opposite. This may not be entirely true, but it can feel like that at times. When you are having to say no to social event after social event,turning down your own siblings for a hang out because you have an early morning, not to mention asking your boyfriend to plan your dinner date early so that you can get up at 6am on Saturday morning for a spin session before a run, when what you would really like to say is “Sure, I can attend that! I am free tonight, no I don’t have to run 15km instead” or “Lets go out for dinner and then a glass of wine after, and then maybe do brunch in the morning after a nice sleep in.”

Im really close with my family, so saying ‘No’ can be really heart wrenching at times.

This is all part of the ‘sacrifices’ that you must make when you take on training for an athletic goal. I say ‘sacrifices’ because I am aware that in the grand scheme of life there are much worse things that I could have to worry about. When it comes to training for a sport, what ever that sport may be, if you have decided to get serious about it, this tends to be something that comes up for a lot of athletes. It’s all part of the decision to take on an event like Ironman, and in pretty much all of the literature I have read on the subject of tackling Ironman, the fact that you will be spending a majority of your free time training comes up. It is always encouraged that you set your loved ones up for this fact as well, and I have, and I am so blessed to have a supportive network around me. Which makes me want to be around them even more.

Friends and family at the finish line 🙂

Where does this leave me 28 weeks out from Ironman? Still following my training schedule, fitting my friends and loved ones in whenever I can, and telling myself that I have a goal, and if I want to achieve it and eventually really excel at it, this is a reality I will have to face, embrace, and remember to make the most of my off-season and the extra time it affords. And remember that even though its tough on me and on them I have people that support me in achieving my goals and will be waiting for me at the finish line.

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