Here I Am: 1 Year Later. – By Topher McDonald

Christopher MacDonald Blitz Conditioning Halloween HowlThat saying, “How time flies”, Well it sure does. Here I am 1 year later, a year that challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s cray cray to think it was a year ago that I gave myself, I guess you would say; a not so normal birthday present. Was it an iPhone or some sort of new techy gadget which usually makes my heart palpitate, no; it was a gift that would change me, all for the better.

It was Dec 5th 2012, that I walked into Blitz Conditioning for a consult with Brett. Unsure of what I was doing and scared outta my Mcfatty Pants, I forged ahead. I walked thru the door and as fear was taking over and telling me, to run like I stole something or that zombies were after me, I took a breath and made that step.

Brett and I went into his office and after we discussed what I wanted for goals, and out of coming to Blitz, I filled out the “I will not sue you” forms and ☺ I made the choice to go ahead training with Brett and then getting into some HIIT classes. I decided to start the following week Dec 12th , so I could give my current, not so swagalicious fat body and the criminal food the: “ I am SO breaking up with you” speech.

Christopher MacDonald Blitz Conditioning MotivationThe session provided a the first for me, a very fast run to the bathroom to let that morning’s breakfast, projectile itself into toilet oblivion. In all my years of working out, this was a new experience. Right then and there, told me “Topher, you are exactly where you are supposed to be” I knew that this was going to be the right fit for me.

So began a year of training with Brett 2 times a week, attending HIIT Classes the rest of the time, doing the zombie apocalypse stairs, running, biking, walking, sweating like my body was tapped into Niagara falls, Blitz challenge’s, running my 1st 10k, daily fuel band competitions and more.
I won’t say it’s been this sweet slice of easy cake, it’s been hard at times to either get to a HIIT class, or get enough energy to go do 12 flights of stairs, to eat 100% clean all the time or just to put enough oomph into some contortionist exercise Brett is wanting me to do, but no road travelled is a straight one.

Christopher MacDonald Blitz Conditioning before afterSo here I am one year later and what I have learned from this last year, beyond the obvious change. Is that, With the Success’s also comes Defeats. Defeats are a part of it; there is no perfect. How your brush yourself off, move on and overcome those defeats are the bigger picture. Like they say, if it was easy, everyone would be working out.

I have learned, that can’t is a word that is not used, That your mind will want to quit before your body does, that you can overcome the “I want to quit” and change that to, “I will finish”, that you are your biggest competition, and my success is not only mine, but other’s as well. Yes I have lost the fat, but have gotten a lot more back in other aspects, I have regained confidence, adopted a give it all you can mentality, a, what have you got loose attitude, a bunch of great new friends, a wonderful supportive community and a new me.

So here I am 1 year later, in close to swag-a-licious shape, living a forever healthy lifestyle, and grown to a better, stronger, faster me. I look forward to more challenges, goals, fun and making Year 2! Even more Epic.

For this birthday what will the present be? .. More Blitz Conditioning. YES (maybe an iPhone 5S too)
Change isn’t Stationary; it’s always in motion and Necessary – Topher M

A little side note, I need to say:

I will never be able to express enough. That I am forever grateful to Brett! What can I say other than a HUGE immense thank you!!! for all that you do.

You took me on and have made me see that I can do things I thought I could never do and that change is more than possible! Not only with the physical outside, but the emotional/mental change that goes along with it. You challenge me every session to not just do it, but to do it the best that I can, to push myself to go beyond the mentality of “I can’t”. Your continued support, your wisdom (at such a young age.. lol) your ability to lift my spirits and push me forward, when I am having a bad week or just need to talk is amazing. You have given me a new lease on life, a better life. I know I have a trainer, but I know, I also have a Friend. You have truly helped me change, in every aspect. THANK YOU!

To Chris, Amy, Sid, Steve:

All of you have been a part of this year of change and I Thank you! Your support and friendship is not forgotten. Let’s go forward for Year 2 !

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